100% Huel for Lent!

I’ve been drinking Huel for a while now to replace my lunch, but found I was still giving into a chippy tea and not losing much weight. I decided to go 100% Huel over lent and although I’ve given in a couple of times to the odd square of chocolate it’s going really well. I’m gonna try to log my progress here :slight_smile:

Female, 24 years old, office job but try to walk as much as I can.

Day 1: 12 stone 12lb

Day 3: 12 stone 6lb

Day 10: 12 stone 2lb


Day 15: 12 stone

Day 19: 11 stone 12lbs - a stone lost!

How much Huel are you consuming in a day?

two scoops at lunch and two at dinner during the week, on a weekend I’ll sometimes have two scoops for breakfast too :slight_smile:

That’s quite a lot of weight to lose in (not even) three weeks! Some people find it difficult to manage more than a 500kcal deficit a day and that tends to derail their diet… But if It suits you, keep on doing what you’re doing :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi @Gemtheveg. That’s great but what happens after Lent?

Easter eggs?


600 calories a day is a real crash diet. You’ve made a really good start to your weight loss though.
Longer term maybe try to settle on a 500 calorie deficit, because your current deficit will be really hard to stick to for long (plus you won’t be getting all the nutrition you need - not really an issue in the very short term, but if you go longer than a month you could do yourself some lasting damage to your health).

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Congrats on the weight loss, but I concur with @ChristinaT that you may wanna be wary of going too low on calories!

Not only does extreme caloric restriction mean that you won’t get all the nutrients and vitamins you need (note: Huel is only complete nutrition in adequate portions, not if you’re restricting it!), but it’ll also make it more likely for you to binge in the future.

I’ve tried to lose weight using both methods (<800kcal & 1500kcal) and was more successful in the long run with the latter. Lmk if you have any questions and all the best! :slight_smile: Gr8 to have you in the Huel family :smiley: