100% Huel & Teeth

Are there downsides to dental health going 100% Huel? Thinking about not chewing and such?

I’ve said it before and here it is again… If you are committed to 100% Huel you don’t need teeth… :slight_smile:


I think someone on here who was 100% Huel did comment they felt their teeth felt loose or weak due to (they believed) the lack of chewing. Chewing some chewing gum may resolve this.

During my last check up, after using 60-90% Huel for 10 months, I was told that my teeth were in better condition due to less plaque/tartar. No mention or feeling of any loose teeth!


Ee by gum… As they say oop north

necro thread?

I’m more worried about losing my teeth crunching some too-hard piece of Granola. :joy:
Just kidding :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry, realised I had missed the opportunity for a rubbish joke. Say aaah.

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Just thought I’d add my experience here. 80% huel for nearly two months now and my teeth and gums feel weird

Can I touch them?


I’ve just stepped into The Twilight Zone…:male_detective:

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