12 days have come and gone

Wow, really. 12 days !

12 days of drinking HUEL religiously for lunch. I love my food so supplementing and more meals is a no for me.
What have so found so far?
I am still happy to drink HUEL.
It doesn’t keep me full for as long as it used to but, I eat less. Coincidence or just pure magic.
I am more energetic. I have always worked out but I don’t seem to be as tired as I used to be.
I feel better. I feel healthier.
Is that not the point to all of this? To feel good!
HUEL is giving me the chance to reaccess my poor eating habits.
I think about what I eat now. I calculate. I balance. I moderate. I don’t deprive myself.
Hank you HUEL for keeping me on track.