15 year gym veteran returns with power!

I am using Huel to return my physique back to that of a Greek God again. Period.

I am 32 years old, about 30% bodyfat and completely unfit. I will be posting a picture tomorrow.

I will be mainly using HUEL for food with other things sneaking in naturally and performing a killer program with weights at the gym that I created called the 5-8 duel-stimulus Hypertrophy Program.

This involves just 3 exercises with an olympic bar each gym session (Deadlifts, Chest Press, Bent-Over Row) going heavy. The idea is once you complete 3 sets of 5 reps for all exercises you increase by 1 rep for next session. This is until you have a session where you perform 8 reps, for 3 sets, at the weight you started initially doing 5 reps with… then next session you increase the weight and start doing your 5 reps again.

This training regine combines the sarcoplasmic fluid growth from increasing reps over at least 4 sessions then moves onto myofibrillar growth from increasing weight. Duel Stimulus and should produce incredible muscle building, strength and good stamina results.

Why build muscle?

Muscle takes a lot of energy to maintain meaning it is the best way to keep fat off you. It helps you lose fat effortlessly by just being there as it absorbs so much calories maintaining it.

I’ll let you guys know my progress!

Here we go!! Check out this motivation. Good for you Daniel, this is brilliant. Just remember it will be a long process but with effort it will be worth it.

Keep us posted with what you’re doing!

Can be completed in 6 months if done correctly.

Let’s go!

Would you yourself or anyone else consider trying this 5-8 MuscleBuilding Program?

2-3 sessions a week, at least 1 day’s rest between, use HUEL BLACK due to protein requirements.
Have as much rest as needed between sets, start by performing a strength test on machines finding your 1 rep max for leg press, chest press and seated row, set the barbell weight to 60% initially of your 1 rep max as found on the machines.

aim for 3 sets of 5, after a warm up, of the following exercises:

Bench Press (use a spotter or smith machine if solo)
Bent-Over Row

If you perform all 3 sets of 5 for an exercise, increase reps by 1 next session. As soon as you can perform 8 reps you increase the weight by 10% and aim to do 5 reps again.

The idea of this program is to be between the lines of strength and endurance training hitting both types of muscle growth (fibre growth and muscle fluid growth) through increasing reps and increasing weight. It will mainly perform fibre growth (which is what we primarily want) but will increase sarcoplasmic fluid slightly as well.

Use youtube for exercise demonstrations, focus on controlling the weight and technique. You can hurt yourself if this is not done properly and I will not be liable if you fail to follow proper technique.

Let me know how you do with this guys, it has given me amazing results in 6 months previously. It won’t turn you into a power house but will give you a beach-body/ cover-model body.

Looking forward to learning more about your progress @warbdaniel - keep us updated! :+1:t3: