17 stone to 12 beast

I have never eaten veg or anything healthy all my life at 27 time to change,i want to transition to vegan eventually.

If i am aiming for 1500 cals a day how many scoops would this be and how many scoops does a meal count as as it states you get so many meals out of a bag of huel, just so i know how much it would cost on the long run.

I suggest reading this handy guide: https://huel.com/pages/how-to-use

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I’ve based this on Vanilla Huel.

366g of Huel will give you as close as dammit to 1500kcals.

Spread that how you wish - 122g of Huel 3 times per day or 91/92g 4 times per day

I would suggest digital scales for more exact weighing and enjoy the journey.

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I’m aiming for same 1500, on unflavoured I just do three scoops three times a day, not precise but who has time. Been doing it a month now, all Huel weekdays, one normal meal weekends. Losing weight but scales broken so using belt notches to judge. Two so far

Look for the spreadsheet someone has done on here for monitoring you’re progress

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