2 scoops

Well I have to say I mixed 2 scoops with 200 ml almond milk and 300 water and it came out the same consistency as when I had 3 scoops.

I am hoping this will crack it for me as I was still eating healthy snacks as was hungry inbetween shakes ( despite drinking loads of water) so in long term will gain weight.

I know I am bound to be hungrier with exercise but I think reducing the scoops to 2 will be more effective in weight loss. My daily cal allowance is 2000 but have been going over so not good :frowning:

Here goes…

K x

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i find exercising actually suppresses my appetite, i think if you persist with not snacking it will pay off long term.

how many calories do you calculate the huel with almond milk to be?

I use 100g of HUEL with 500mls of Almond Milk and a flavour sachet - or 3g of loose flavour powder… this mixed in a Nutribullet, let down with a shot of espresso does me two meals - breakfast and lunch… I have my breakfast at home before leaving for work and have the other one stored in the fridge at work for my lunch break
I eat 4 pieces of fruit - 2 with each HUEL shake and then a balanced meal in the evening…

I am not experiencing any hunger pangs until later in the evening before my ‘proper’ meal.

Think it is a lot of trial and error