2nd month on Huel, i'm noticing stuff. Yeah fo' real

Hello Huelings, i’m just here to say after two solid weeks of AK47 ass, i’m finally over it and seeing the benefits! I have refrained from eating a ton of lazy grab food and other crappy munchies and as a result my energy levels have gone up considerably. I actually cancelled my subscription due to the nuclear assault coming from my rear on a daily basis, but I stuck with it and i’m really glad I did. Vanilla only for me im afraid, and pity the fool that flippantly chucks a flavour enhancer sachet into their shaker. Those cursed things are enhancers alright. Gave me Howitzer turds that came out with a pressure I thought only cattle could create.

I’m on three servings a day with an evening meal. Feel pretty good and would never have wrote this if I didn’t truly believe so. Tried a few times to just have nothing but Huel all day and was ok with it, but got really hungry at night time. My tip: add a few strawberries and ice cubes to the vanilla flavour Huel and blend it well. Its lovely.

I was also spending around £20 a day to feed myself (mostly crap grab foods) and now i’m at around £6 thanks to Huel. Not lost any weight as I am just going with what I feel. Calorie intake is around the same as when I was eating crap, but I feel so much better. Weird side effect is that things with lots of sugar now taste too sweet for me and make me feel a bit pukey if I try to eat just a single choccy biscuit. Not a bad thing I guess but I am starting to mentally undress the Turkish Delights in every shop I seem them in.

So, I’m on Huel for the long run now. Just wish I found it earlier.


Haha love it

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Great post!
I’m roughly 6 months in and have loads of new hair growth, all the new hair creates a halo effect when I have a light shining behind me. I have to deploy hair taming techniques I’ve never used before to calm it.