2x Huelers for weight loss


to be honest 30lbs is my ultimate target. my first aim is 14lbs so a stone in total. That should hopefully be doable in 4 months? :slight_smile:


Hi Paul, 3.75kgs! even better.
that’s good to know.

Sorry if It was on the wrong thread I just was interested in your way of doing Huel, as that is what I want to do.

Yeah no alcohol is fine for me :slight_smile:


3rd week done
Me: 87.25kg
Loss this week: 2kg
Total loss to date:5.75kg

Partner: 82.10kg
Loss this week: 1.7kg
Total loss to date:6.9kg


Paul - well done, 3 weeks and just on 6kg gives me some hope. Just need the Huel to arrive!!


4th week done
Me: 86.45kg
Loss this week: 0.8kg
Total loss to date: 6.55kg

Partner: 80.75kg
Loss this week: 1.35kg
Total loss to date: 8.25kg

My Partner is certainly doing well!! This week was less gym due to work but still, the trend is going well.


Ignored last weekend’s weigh in as we celebrated the end of dry January so it wouldn’t have been a fair reading. So after normal gym/diet routine again here is today’s.

6th week done
Me: 84.85kg
Loss this week: 1.6kg
Total loss to date: 8.15kg

Partner: 79.95kg
Loss this week: 0.8kg
Total loss to date: 9.05kg