3.0 feedback

Thanks to having a few friends who use Huel, I’ve now tried 3.0 vanilla, berry, chocolate, and coffee.
Sorry to say, but I just don’t like the new taste and texture, and I can’t justify paying the new higher price for something I don’t like. Apart from berry, 2.3 was great, but 3.0 is a completely different product. For me, Huel has been ruined, so for now I’ve cancelled my subscription.


Oh dear that’s not promising

Weird how some people are saying it’s the same and others are saying it’s different

Are you able to describe what’s different?
I’ve still not tried it

Maybe those of us who disliked Berry 2.3 will like 3.0 then hopefully.

@ChristinaT as you know everyone is different and like different things like some preferred Chocolate v2.3 and some people prefer Chocolate v3.0 . Like I have said I prefer the texture and taste of v3.0 Chocolate but preferred Mint Choc v2.3 to V3.0. You will have to decide yourself when you manage to order some and hopefully you will like it.

I may have to go back to using 100ml plant milk with Huel v3.0 to thicken it up a bit. Have still only tried Vanilla and Coffee so far.

You need to read that again @Ian42 :woman_facepalming:t3:

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I have made no progress at all chasing down my invisible order from the 31st Dec :confused:
Probably by the time they reply to my email, we will be on v3.1

Oops sorry did I misread it, I thought @K3N0B1 was saying 2.3 Berry was great but V3 isn’t, my bad.

On the other hand I hope I do like v3 Berry over v2.3 crap

@Bee I still use 125g of v3 but put a bit less water in it.

Maybe @TimOfficialHuel can chase it up or authorise a new order dispatch straight away seen he knows where good customers on here :smiley:

Yes I do that too @Ian42

I’ve tried Tim! And live chat! And email!
I think they are really snowed under with queries.
I’ve not been stressing, I have v2.3 and black and RTD and bars lol.
It would be nice to know if its ever coming though. But I think after two weeks I’ve decided it’s not!
I’ve not ordered again in case I end up with double.
I’m curious to try v3 chocolate now though!
I didn’t order chocolate, I ordered UU, but I feel I have a duty to taste test chocolate v3 :laughing::laughing:
So maybe I should change it to one UU and one chocolate

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I’m one of the people who can’t really tell the difference between the new formula and the old one. It must be gutting to not like the new version. I remember when it happened with Special K in the eighties. My mum wrote to Kellogg’s! They never even replied. :broken_heart:


I’ve been using the new version for a couple of days now. The taste (coffee) is quite palatable but I can’t really notice much difference between old and new. I’m happy to leave it to Huel to decide what ingredients are used in the product. As long as I don’t dislike the products, I’m here for the long term.


I’ve noticed on the Black version, when you leave it to stand in the refrigerator it does slightly reduce in volume but doesn’t get noticeably thicker which is a little weird but welcome, as it also retains its palatability and ease of drinking without having to add more water. I always found that 2.3 got significantly thicker and if you’d added extra ingredients such as fruits this amplified it so I normally had to replace all the absorbed water. Tried it with the Christmas Kryptonite today and it retained the flavour well after been stood for 6 hours.


I agree, I was happy with 2.3 chocolate.
I recently bought 3.0 chocolate, 3.0 mint chocolate, and v1.0 black chocolate.

The 3.0 (and 1.0black) taste is vile. It tastes like I’m drinking a load of chemical sweetener. It’s sickly sweet but not in a good way.

I’d like to go back to 2.3, but it doesn’t seem available to order any more. Consequently I’m going to ditch Huel.

(Bring back 2.3, or fix the taste in a 3.1!)


you can buy 2.3 from the outlet section of the website


Loving 3.0 - i get hungry less and feels more filling.


They were probably too busy bashing their bishops.

I loved the v2.3 chocolate and its taste while the v3’s chocolate is very different tastewise, it’s okay but not amazing like v2.3 because the new v3 chocolate seems to have a very strong artificial taste.
I also preferred v2.3’s thicker texture but Huel is still kind of thickish after being in the fridge. v3 is luckily not like water but it is standing on a fine line for me.
I probably just have to experiment with adding less water, maybe 400ml instead of 500ml.

I kept my chocolate Huel in the fridge for a few hours before consuming it but I cleaned it just now and wow, I lost a big part of the powder because of the massive clumps that were left.

So the new Huel is less thick and clumpier. You decreased the best part of Huel that made me start using it regularly and you increased the problem that I dislike the most, having big clumps in my Huel.

As far as I understood, tapioca starch was added to make Huel ‘smoother’ but instead the new v3 is more clumpy…

I hope that it’s just the chocolate Huel that is messed up (artificial taste + massive clumps).

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