3.0 vs black

I can’t figure out what the differences are between the Black edition the 3.0 and the white version. Is black the 3.0 or is that considered something else I just I don’t get the differences between the different versions.
Can someone please explain what the differences are? Thank you.

I just ordered my first she will order ever I got the Black edition one vanilla one chocolate.but I read somewhere something about how the 3.0 doesn’t have as much protein as the block so it looks like they’re different but I can’t find the different versions. Unless 3.0 is the white?

There’s an article here that explains the differences. Yes, version 3 refers to the white packs. Black is a relatively new product launched late last year and is a different formulation to the white packs.


Thank you, I appreciate it. Idk y I was having so much trouble finding it