3 and half weeks in

So I am a newbie and I’m just under 4 weeks in. I’m only doing one shake a day and that is only 1.5 scoops in 400ml of liquid.

I love the vanilla mixed with either Coconut milk or Almond Milk. I then add some frozen cherries and a fresh banana, put it all in my bullet and blend. Leave for a few minutes and then drink slowly.

I have tried the Berry powder with frozen mixed berries and also with frozen raspberries. but I hated the berry pips, so won’t use these again.

I was given a 1/3 packet of coffee…can’t say I really enjoyed it, and I’ve also been given 1/3 bag of mint choc to try.

Hate hate hate the RTD vanilla with a passion.It’s vile and made me gag. The RTD Berry is nice.

I have also got Granola…I definitely won’t be buying this again. It’s just so so in my opinion with very little taste and is a bit like eating cardboard granules.

So vanilla powder is my absolute favourite as its so versatile with added fruit, it fills me up and I enjoy it. I will try mixing some of the flavour powders in it too soon.

I did have flatulence to start with for a day or three, but now take one of the gas supplements recommended on here, and they have helped, and I’m also taking probiotics too. I haven’t ever experienced a rush to the loo ( thank goodness )

I too prefer the powder to the vanilla RTD, but then again I prefer the RTD berry to the powder.

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