4 bags of Vanilla for sale due to moving abroad (SOLD)

Hi Everyone

So firstly i would like to say how great this product is both myself and my partner are both bigger builds and we decided to try it out to help us loose weight along with a dedicated workout plan. This was nearly a year ago and we have both lost and astonishing amount of weight which has remained off as this is a healthy way to loose weight over other fad diets.

Unfortunately we have now decided that we shall be moving to New Zealand for work purposes which does mean i have 4 new unzipped bags of vanilla powder left which i am not allowed to take through customs, If i could i would.

I am selling these for a bargain price of £50.00 which shall include postage or they can be collected from Exeter. I am not sure if this is allowed or not but i thought it would give someone a chance to try the product if they are unsure.

It really is a great product and id love to be able to give this to someone before it goes into the bin :frowning: i am due to leave at the end of October if anyone is interested.

My email is scott_peters@hotmail.co.uk

Again i am sorry if this is not allowed, If not please delete the thread.