4 weeks on (mostly) Huel

Day 1: 91.7kg & 42" waist
Day 28: 83.1kg & 39" waist

I’m really enjoying not just shifting the flab I’ve been struggling with this year, but also how my energy levels have increased, and how healthier I generally feel.
Especially liking being able to fit back into my older clothes again.

What started as a skeptical trial of what I thought was probably just another meal replacement shake, turned out to be much more than that, and is now going to be a large part of my diet for the foreseeable future.

Thanks Huel :blush:


Would you say you… have the high ground? :eyes:

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That’s a lot of weight you have lost. Wow

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:slight_smile: It’s been a very successful start


That’s incredible! Congratulations :slight_smile:
Can I ask how many calories you consume and what your deficit is?

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If I’m on a Huel only day, then I have 3 shakes, each with 2 scoops.
If I’m eating a light meal, then I have 2 shakes, again with 2 scoops each.

This is so inspiring to me who is on week 1 :smiley:

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I should add that I’m not very active, and work in an office. On days where I am active, I add a bit more.
I’m not totally strict with it, but I do try to eat at regular times and not eat junk food, or anything high in salt or sugar.

Wicked, I work in an office enviroment but have added 3 runs a week into my schedule, so hopefully that will excel my results further.

I’ve cut out anything high sugar and increased my water intake too.

I hope that wasn’t a Excel pun :smile:

I am known to love a good spreadsheet :joy:

Excellent if it was :rofl:

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SUM thing says it could have been :upside_down_face: