6 month shelf life on flavours?

I purchased a number of the flavours probably about 6 months ago now but I no longer have the packets as I emptied them into containers. I think I remember seeing on the packet they had a shelf life of 6 months, is that correct? I noticed my banana flavour has lumped together a bit, not sure if that is a sign I should replace it or it just needs a shake.

The rhubarb custard flavor I have says “Use within 12 months, store in a cool dry environment away from direct sunlight.”

After 6 months of it being opened I imagine that there may be some caking due to moisture in the air, no matter how airtight they are. It would probably be best to get a new pouch, however that is completely up to you.

By caking do you just mean the powder clumping together? Can’t I just shake it up again?

You won’t get sick from it if it’s only a bit of air from the moist. If there are only small clumps or not many of them just shake it and see if it still has its potency. If it lacks flavour either use more or replace it.

tfw your grammar app wants to change “flavour” into “flavor”

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That was what I meant, but I’m afraid I personally do not know what the extent of bacteria would be after 6 months. We are advised on the 6 month shelf life by the company that make the flavours. I imagine these are in place to prevent people consuming them when the bacteria has got beyond an appropriate level. Sorry I can’t be more specific.

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