6 week goal

Hi there,
As of tomorrow I’m going 100% for 2 weeks (2 1/2 scoops x3 times a day), followed by 2 meals a day (and one cooked meal) for the next 4 weeks. I am going to do this for weight loss purposes. I’m going 100% as I know myself and I want/need the accountability and commitment from the word go.
I’ll post every couple of days with an update!


Good luck stay strong

Day 1:
First weigh in - 82kg dead. (Roughly what I thought, so 2 1/2 scoops, x3 a day is correct.)

Also, as is female life, today is day one of my period and so expecting my own normal bloating and maybe .5kg of water retention // then extra weight loss, to factor all in!

500ml of water + vanilla scoops, quick 20 second shake and no issues.

Will weigh on Wed/ Sat.

Day 2:
Feeling good. Not felt hungry nor had any cravings and haven’t cheated at all, been quite easy.
Stomach has been making a few gurgling noises today, but nothing too loud or too bad. I’ve not yet been for a poo, so that may not be helping! I need to take on more water, so that’s the focus for the next few days.

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Day 4: (toilet details!)

Day 3 was simple, just plodded on!

Today, I woke with a slight headache, but after breakfast this went quite quickly without much thought. Also, today I went for a poo, it was easy flowing, but not explosive diarrhoea or anything as previously read from others experiences.

I’ve also change up today with U&U and coconut & pineapple flavouring. The U&U by itself was just horrid to me. The flavouring made it better, but I certainly prefer the vanilla.

Day 5 and first weigh in (remember I’m expecting this to be a false reading) and I’m down 1kg. I’m more interested in what the scales say on Saturday (day8).

I have no bloating and my trousers fit better already! I’ve had no cravings and been able to eat/drink well for the past four days with no significant issues o concerns. I feel more energetic (could just be in my head as I’ve not made it to the gym yet) too.


Felt really tired yesterday (day 6), as in very very lethargic. Slept like a log (9hrs) and feel fine today. May have just been a one off for no reason, but wanted to mention it given another thread I read.

Feeling a little bored (left out?) with lunch & dinner drinks, so bought some flavours today, hoping that will keep me interested (banana & rhubarb and custard).

Week 1 of 100% Huel is officially over. I’m down -2kg (a little bit of a false reading, see earlier posts). Feel like I’m much healthier inside - no bloating etc.

This next week is going to be a struggle to stay 100% like I wanted to due to social events, but I know having one meal a day it’s nothing to be worried about at all.

Day 9: I woke up with a gurgling stomach and a need to rush to the loo… and again and again ALL day long. It’s been very watery. So I decided to eat a proper lunch but couldn’t finish as I felt a little sick. I haven’t eaten this evening, just drinking water.

Any suggestions as to why the sudden change in my body as I’ve been coping very well on 100%.

Please keep this Blob going. I’m thinking of doing the same sort of thing and your experience will be invaluable.

Have you noticed excessive thirst yet ?

@Mindwalker thanks! Will keep it going as long as I can

@archimedes no excessive thirst, but nirmally ok with fluid intake generally

Day 10 - used banana flavour system today. Wow and yum. A winner for me for sure. My stomach is better today but Ive had to go to the loo a few times. At least for my conscience, I’ve also been drinking mint tea today.

Day 13: weighed in at -0.4kg since Saturday (it’s Thursday). Sunday, Tuesday and Wednesday I only did x2 (breakfast and lunch) and then ate food for dinner. Wasn’t in the plan. Really wanted to stick out 2 weeks on 100%, so I may try to extend it a little.

Overall feeling fine, no stomach issues (maybe because of the food?).

Going to commit to doing some cardio at the gym now too. I know I have a little hydration problem when I’ve been running hard as I get massive headaches after so that I even take sports hydration tablets, but hopefully them and Huel will go ok together!

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How’s it going now?