9 weeks into my Huel journey

It was 9 weeks ago today when I started my Huel journey, and it really has been a game changer for me.

I’ve got rid of a lot of my flab, with my waist currently being 36" compared to the 42" is was.
My weight did drop to 80.2kg from 91.7kg, but it has increased to 82.3kg. I’m going to assume that my increased active time is a contributing factor here, as I have gained muscle which is heavier than fat.

August was pretty much a trial of Huel for me, to see it it is something which actually worked for me and was worth continuing with. September my main focus was to work on keeping to a routine, and to not let myself deviate too far from it. October’s goal is to keep that routine going, and to be as active as possible, and work on my personal fitness.

What I’ve found is that since Huel became the main part of my diet, I have a LOT more energy, and I feel really healthy. I’ve started swimming 2-3 times a week, and doing odd bits for strength and conditioning at the gym. I’m also starting going to light sabre combat training this week, and ice hockey training hopefully from next week. I’ve been inactive since I quit playing roller derby a year ago, and it feels good to be back doing sport again.

I’m still currently on 2 scoops 3 times a day, or twice and a light meal, but I will probably start uping that a bit soon with the increased activity I’m doing.

So all in all, It’s been a great first couple of months using Huel :smiley: