A great mix I thought I would share

To support my cross fit training and mountain biking I wanted a little more protein so I have mixed a two scoops of PHD synergy Iso 7 strawberry delight (link at the bottom) with two scoops of Vanilla Huel as a post workout drink.

It tastes GREAT and has a lot more protein some creatine and a gives me a great boost before bed



Nice one!

I mix 25g myprotein whey impact with 2 scoops of Huel as my post crossfit drink. Recovery is fantastic!


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Thanks guys very useful as I just take my normal 3 x scoops Huel post crossfit…

will do 2 x scoop of Huel and 1 scoop protein and see how I go!


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I am going to try before bed as night time is when sweet tooth lingers…

Thanks :smile: