A large plate of fitness with a side order of weight loss 😁

Hi everyone,

I am a long time lurker, long time irregular huel user, but first time poster. I decided that I would like to keep a journal of my fitness journey, and hopefully the weight loss that will go with it. I plan to use Huel as a staple part of my fuel on this journey and have been enjoying it for lunch every day for the past couple of weeks.

Ok, before I start, a little bit about me…

I am a 43yr old mom of teenage boys. I have always been fit and healthy, slim and active with no need to count calories until, in the summer of 2016 I started to get regular reoccurring eye inflammation problems. These bouts of inflammation increased in regularity and got worse over the next couple of years. Doctors tested me for all sorts of autoimmune diseases but nothing definitive was found. In January 2019 I took matters into my own hands and went gluten free and this literally turned my life around. I still get the odd flare up but nothing like what it was. 2019 was a year of learning to eat differently and healing.

So fast forward to 2020. I’m now possibly about a stone over my comfortable weight. BMI wise, I’m still just in the normal bracket but at the top end. I don’t know for sure what I weigh because I’ve not weighed myself in years. I am back working out regularly and I do HIIT and body combat style training 6/7 days a week with some yoga thrown in for active recovery. I have just started a food diary and I’m tracking my calories in and out. Tomorrow I’m going to weigh myself.

So…the next step for me is a bit of accountability and maybe some support. I would quite like to post weekly with a bit of a roundup; how the week went, training, food, Huel, weight loss if any, how I’m feeling mentally and physically. Hopefully I can get to know some of you a bit better along the way too.

I will post again tomorrow with my first check in and my starting weight.

I’m guessing 68kg…


Ok…first update

Starting Weight ~69kg (~152lbs)
Goal ~60kg (~132lbs)

BMR according to TDEE is ~1400

Last 7 days
Calories in : 11476 total / 1639 average
Activity : 4066 total / 580 average
Total Calories out : 13866 total / 1980 average
Difference : 2390 total / 341 average

I have worked out these number based on using my BMR figures from TDEE. If I use the “heavy exercise” numbers, instead of BMR + actual activity, TDEE suggests my daily maintenance should be closer to 2400 than 1980. I figured that it would be better to air on the lower side and see how I get on. If anyone has any advice on how best to determine your output numbers I’d love to know more.

I was hoping that the high level of exercise would mean that I had a bigger deficit but it is what it is. I am eating a healthy diet with balanced macros so I’ll stick to what I’m doing for now and see where it gets me. I will only weigh in once a week because, as much as a love numbers, I don’t want to get too hooked up on that number.

I was planning to have a Sunday as a recovery / refeed day but I’m not sure if it will help with the weight loss. It will definitely help with replenishing my energy levels so that my training sessions are better, which in turn would probably really help with the weight loss! Why is this such a balancing act?

Anyhoo, enough rambling. Have a great weekend all.

Hey Vik,

Great to have you on the team. Sounds like you’re doing lots of good.

Now that you’ve weighed yourself did your prediction on your BMI come true?

Yes measuring exercise is so difficult, especially as soon as it’s something a little less linear like your HIIT sessions. Strava will track calories for cycles and running etc, not sure if accurately though.

Keep us posted, hopefully this thread will keep you motivated and I’m sure many others will have some tips for you!

Hi Tim, thank you for the welcome :smiley:

Unfortunately, I was a kilo out on my prediction. I weighed in at 69K. I’m 5’6 so that puts me right at the top end of normal. I’m not sure how good my dusty old scales are but I think they are in the right ballpark. I’ve just ordered some digital smart scales so that should help track progress.

I use my Apple Watch for all of my activity and I link it directly into my food diary, so hopefully it’s measuring as accurately as anything can.

I am loving Huel and the energy it gives me. I always have Huel for lunch and I work out mid-late afternoon. It always gives me the boost I need without weighing me down or repeating on me. Love it!

I’m looking forward to spending more time here, and hopefully getting to know some of you all.


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