A silly question... about boxes


Just wondering if anyone knows where Huel get their boxes they post out the samples in please? I understand Julian or Tim may be the only ones able to answer me here.

I already use C5 PIP boxes in my business but they have a lot of free space - the one I got my sample in last week was PERFECT!

Also, so incredibly happy with my vanilla sample. The unflavoured and unsweetened was hard to make palatable, even with my extensive range of commercial flavouring, but that was absolutely perfect - it went down in minutes today and kept me satisfied four hours without a problem :slight_smile:




Hi there!

Glad you like the boxes because they are custom made for us! I’m just waiting for a reply from someone to clarify which company makes them for us!

Great to hear you have been getting on well with your Huel sample. The UU is an acquired taste, stick with the vanilla and you will be fine!


The box spec is this (if it makes sense to you):

Description: Die Cut Blank + Tape
Style: A5 Book Wrap + Tape
Material: B Lgt R

If you want to speak to someone more in depth then let me know.

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And that’s the sort of thing I like about the Huel team…they find out all sorts for the customers.

Can you advise me the best route to take to get to Southend-on-Sea from Somerset? I have a business meeting there tomorrow and have never visited the place before.


Thank you @TimOfficeHuel! That’s something to go on for now - if I can’t get as far as I need with it I’ll be back in touch with a direct message in the forum :slight_smile:

@hunzas - I’m gonna guess M5 M4 M25 to get you in the area? I have a friend who does the trip regularly from South Wales :wink:
Depends on the time of day though, I prefer the North Circular… And if you’re coming from more South Somerset, A303, M3, South Circular? I don’t want to recommend anyone go through Dartford Crossing - paying it is a pain in the bum!


Thanks…I wasn’t expecting a serious answer, but that’s very helpful… From where I live it would more likely be the A303, M3 route…and yes I intend to avoid the Dartford Crossing if I can.

No problem! I’m not 100% on the south circular as I’ve only done it once or twice a few years ago… I seem to remember it being more built up than the north. For time it could be worth the M25 and the toll.

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That’s the problem, time it wrong and you can be in serious trouble…a couple years ago I was catching a flight from Gatwick on boxing day…left plenty of time, but snarl-ups on the M3 and then flooding on the A roads I took instead meant I only caught the flight by the skin of my teeth. The whole UK road infrastructure leaves a lot to be desired…I’ll take a proper look at the routes this evening…thanks.

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I know what you mean… I left a friend’s at 10pm once, and got caught literally three miles down the road for three hours not moving. I had a lot better things I could have done back there for three hours! :smiley:

Best of luck for the journey, and keep Radio 2 on for travel news :wink:

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Haha! Most things are better than queueing in traffic.


I’d avoid the whole of the south east in general for a stress free life :wink:


I generally try to LOL

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Good old Bobby on Drivetime will keep you safe!

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Knowing Splott in Cardiff very well, Lynn’s my girl with Ken in the morning!

Well I went the A303 route and M3 and M25 and Dartford Crossing…it was actually a painless process about for now having to pay for the crossing.

An accident on the A303 outside Andover could have been a pain on the way back but managed to get off 303 and back on the other side of Andover and job done. It was weird to not see a single car behind me for ages, until I hit the next junction though…

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Thanks for the update! Glad you made the journey successfully. Got to love the A303 and all the tourists slowing down past Stonehenge to take photos. :rage:. Hope you weren’t subjected to such antisocial driving!

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