About 80% Huel

I’ve been using Huel to sort of reset my obsession with food and lose weight for 2 weeks and wanted to report back it’s going great! I’ve lost half a stone from the Huel alone and about a stone in the last month just from cutting down on treats. I try for about 80% of my meals to be Huel but some days it’s more and some days a lot less (yesterday I had no Huel and all ‘regular food’ for example). I’m finding it almost laughably easy though to be honest. The only thing I would say is that you do every once in awhile have an intense need for something savoury when you’re on full Huel days without a break. That being said I love the flavour of the vanilla and chocolate and they help me not eat other treats as much because I know I have that sweetness to look forward to and I really enjoy the taste very much. I’ll keep checking back but I’m planning on doing this for quite a long time and then using Huel for 2 of my meals once I go into maintenance. I really don’t see any reason to not always use Huel now.