Added thickeners Huel 2.x is awful

With Huel 1.x Vanilla the consistency was wonderful in my opinion and it dissolved great without any lumps. I used then mix in a blender or by shaking it, and if I wanted my Huel to be thicker I did let i stay in the refrigerator for a while.

Since the added thickeners introduced in Huel 2.x, i.e. Guar Gum, Xanthan Gum and Carrageenan, I’m very disappointed with Huel. When I now run Huel in a blender it gets thick as jelly and if shake it by hand it still too thick, for my taste, and it will always be full of small lumps.

So right now I have two choices when consuming Huel 2.x; either run it in a blender until it is smooth and eat it with a spoon (no kidding) or drink it filled with lumps.

The new consistency is not disgusting, but close and I really dislike it. Could you (Huel) please consider to deliver Huel without this artificial thickeners? With Huel 1.x Vanilla I had my perfect food, now I can’t enjoy it, the lumps and consistency is awful.

I would say that with these 3 different added thickeners, when running Huel in a blender, the viscosity is twice as thick. When I mix 50% of my meal, Huel 2.1 Vanilla, with the same amount of water, the viscosity is the same as experienced with Huel 1.x Vanilla.

The thickness definitely doesn’t ruin it for me, but I must admit that I’ve tried a couple of other 'lents recently that end up much thinner in consistency and I quite enjoyed them.

Not enough to switch, but it has made me experiment a bit and start having a few shakes with more water and less huel.

More water is a solution, but not a good one. I don’t want to need two shakes per meal.

How thick are you making it? Are you making it to the recommended ratio of 5 parts water to 1 part Huel?

I use as much water as it is possible in a 750ml overfilled shaker, 170g powder per meal. So I use less water than recommended, yes, but it worked great with Huel v1. I guess I will now need to start eat 6 shakes per day instead of 3. What I really dislike with the thickeners is that the consistency/texture now becomes much thicker if one mix Huel in a blender.

6 shakes per day is no problem. Your body needs the water anyway. I usually have 5 shakes per day plus an evening meal, no problem.

I think it is very inconvenient to have that many shakes. I rather drink water between my meals than are forced to drink two drinks per meal/twice as often.

But Huel is the right thickness when the recommended quantity of water is mixed with it. You’re deliberately making it thicker, then complaining that it’s too thick?

Not many people seem to complain about this. It sounds like Huel is not really suited to your requirements.


After eight months of eating (drinking or using) Huel I have discovered that I only use 300ml of water per three scoops. This is only as I use the NutriBullet cups to the fill line and haven’t bothered measuring how much water that is until only yesterday

300ml of water and three scoops of Huel is the perfect thickness for me

500ml of water and three scoops of Huel is way too thin for my likeness, it feels like I’m drinking the Huel rather than eating it, if that makes sense

Anyway, as you were …

So 3 liters a day or more for a TDEE of 2000 calories is reasonable?

And more on top if you’re working out?

Cause I’m getting a bit tired if pissing constantly.

But you would normally be getting some water from food anyway, in addition to the drinks you would normally drink. If you you were eating loads of fresh fruit and veg all day, you would be getting loads of water from that.

And you should be urinating reasonably frequently throughout the day. That’s healthy. The colour of your urine is a good guide. If it’s usually clear, you’re drinking too much. If it’s dark, you’re dehydrated. Ideally, it should be somewhere between the two, a light yellow colour.

It is pretty much never any other color than water. I almost haven’t seen a shade of yellow in months.

Bizarre, mine’s usually light-to-mid yellow. This is from drinking 5 shakers per day plus some additional water.