Adding flavours to subscriptions


Trying to add 2 flavours to an established subscription… spent too long trying to get it added to the order and found no way of getting it added that appears to work. Have now skipped my next delivery as don’t want it sent out without the flavours added to the box. Also as I plan on using Huel and it’s flavour system in the long term I want to get the subscription discount. Additionally I don’t want the flavours every scheduled delivery - maybe once every 12 weeks.

I think it seems like the website has a feature for dealing with all of this, but I just can’t seem to get it to show on my order after I’ve selected the additions to the subscription. I feel the website ordering needs some attention. Anyone know a solution?


Logged in to my account at

Selected Subscriptions to get to Subscriptions & Orders then this:

And finally Add To Box leads to this: