Adding to Subscription


At work we use (unaffiliated, just a happy customer!) to test our website in different browsers, both mobile and desktop and across different operating systems, you can even automate it with a scripting language.

Maybe Huel could add this to their arsenal to ensure a good experience for the customers?

Also remember to test with AdBlock turned on, sometimes code added for tracking breaks stuff when it can no longer talk with the tracking servers.


I’m still having issues trying to add a one off (or subscription :woman_shrugging:) of the sample flavours to my next order too :laughing:
On a side… Is there a sample of the rhubarb and custard? Sounds intriguing… :thinking:


I’m having some issues now as well. Postponing the dispatch date by a few days worked. Adding granola to an existing subscription only worked as one off, not as part of the subscription. Adding flavour boosts doesn’t work at all.


I have two sachets, I already know this one is not for me!
I’d be happy to post them out.


Not sure about adding items like bars/granola but flavour boosts just add to my next delivery as a one off.


Still having issues. Nothing can be added.

@TimOfficialHuel @OliviaOfficialHuel @JamesCollier

Does anyone know:

  • when website problems will be sorted?
  • how long it takes to get an email response back from ‘support’?
  • with the occurance of complaints on this forum, it seems like something has gone wrong…


It seems really random. I added a one off box of bars to my next subs delivery, and changed the date on it with no problems. I understand the frustration, especially as it seems there’s no obvious reason to it sometimes working and sometimes not.


It would just be good for someone to acknowledge it and say they’ll sort it. Instead of not replying to emails, and limited support on here.


I’ve gotten an email reply and they’ve sorted adding to my next order :blush:
Thanks @OliviaOfficialHuel
Hope you’ve heard back @Tom82


I believe this one has now been resolved? I’ve chatted with the team and I believe we got back to you Saturday?


It has now Tim. Thanks.