Adding whey protein to Huel


I was wondering if anyone has tried adding a whey protein powder to their Huel.

I am wanting to increase my protein intake but want to continue using Huel as my main food source.

Any advice would be appreciated! :muscle::muscle::muscle:


Yes, some people do this.
@GTIPuG @chrisjeffy98 to name two


Thanks. Wasn’t sure if it was a good idea or not…fairly new to the Huel revolution!


Welcome to Huel, bud
As far as I can tell, it works fine. And adds flavour, if your whey has one that is. It should be fine!


Yup, as Squiz said, I’ve been at it for about three years now. My breakfast pretty much every single day is this:

Either coffee or vanilla, only just got some coffee so mainly vanilla.


Haha yeah similar for me but not exactly; I do prefer just Huel because the 40:30:30 ratio is great, but there are days I know would be more carb heavy if I eat out/consume alcohol, so I make my Huel with 75g Huel and 20g protein, which is around 460kcal.

Tl;dr nothing wrong with adding whey to your Huel, at least from my experience!


I used Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Whey Protein Powder,
I was travelling in South East Asia, with lots of vegetarians for 3 months, 2 spoons of Huel and one spoon of Whey powder. I am gluten unfriendly as well. So it really kept me happy.