Advice to those shipping to SEA

Hello All

Bit of advice for new users planning on ordering and shipping to SEA countries based on my experiences. Generally - and particularly in the case of Malaysia where I currently live – customs departments tend to slap import duties and obstructions on anything that they don’t understand.

These duties seem to be calculated randomly and in the case of the RTD I ordered – came with a 100% bump in cost.

As an experiment, I tried a minimum order of powder to see what happened. It caused great confusion as the customs people blocked it thinking it was hazardous chemicals but as soon as they were assured it was just an innocuous manufactured food product – they released it – with zero duty.

So, the lesson of the story is – if you’re wanting RTD convenience shipping to Asia – be prepared for inconvenient duties to be paid. If you don’t mind shaking your own drink and prepared to potentially have to explain to someone what super flour is – then go for powdered.

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