After months of Huel for breakfast I started a new breakfast


I don’t go by scoops, I weigh my Huel to 125g as I wasn’t getting enough powder using 3 scoops


There’s some good evidence behind warm / hot / cooked food being easier to digest.
Some people have such strong systems they can digestive almost anything.
But it is quite a common thing to struggle with cold breakfast especially very early in the morning - digestion can be sluggish in the first couple hours of waking in the morning. And warm food or drink can ‘light the digestive fire’ so to speak.
Try drinking a cup of warm water prior to your cold Huel, or try out what @Africorn does - Mix the Huel in a small amount of water, then top up with hot / warm water (don’t shake at this point!!! Just stir) It’s actually fairly pleasant to drink warm.

My favourite warm Huel recipes:
Peanut butter in unflavoured
Water infused with Chai teabag plus Original
Hot chocolate Huel (or mocha)
Matcha and Original
Spiced Golden Coconut milk plus UU

Always best to mix Huel into cold water then add hot and stir. Or mix with warm water in a blender


That’ll be drinking I guess unless you meant diving ? If so you’re going to need a bigger cup :wink:


I put 400 ml cool/cold water, two scoops of Huel, shake, then top up to 700 ml with hot water and shake again. I’ve never had a problem with an explosive shaker…


Haha yeah although diving into water first thing in the morning would get your digestion going pretty fast as well :rofl:
I always get ravenous after swimming


Hi @airiartev

Sorry, I’m not sure what you’re asking. Also, I’d need to know more than just two of your meals; to comment, I’d need to look at everything.


Did you mean " Try driving with a cup of warm water?

Not a good idea…


You’re a bit slow this morning @Ian42 - ive already corrected my error. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


These iPhones playing up again :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I will stick to Android from now on…


Er… No thanks


I mean that how is possible to feel much better saciated with an omelette and ham rather than Huel which was supposed to last longer


How much omelette and ham did you have?


1 egg and like 2 very thin tenderloin (is it correct?) that I fry a little before of ham. A little of olive oil and 280ml of semi skimmed milk


It’s hard to say why as neither the protein or fibre in that wouldn’t be as much as in 100g of Huel and the calories are similar. It’s risky to draw any conclusions from this as you’re one person and there are so many other factors to consider.


Its pretty weird, I will have Huel for breakfast again to check if this happens again


I had an apprentice decided to drive his car with a pot of instant noodles rested on his groin. It did not go well for him… 3rd degree burns ok his dangly bits.


Here’s a useful thing:

EVERYTHING about the name makes me LOL


How do you even find that lol?:joy:


I’ve got an ancient packet of that in our food cupboard, bought in the Caribbean years ago… Never had the nerve to try it, but can’t bear to throw it out!


There is a vegan one…not sure if that one is it…can’t be bothered to revisit the link…