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Is it good to get your proteins, fats from the same source every day and throughout the day?

I am wondering because if you eat huel non-stop, while being nutritionally complete, the sources of each macro are the same every time. Is this healthy?

Modern humans are fortunate that we have access to a huge variety of foods and our bodies can process them all. We don’t need that variety, it just allows us to be adaptable. Unless there’s a big gap in the science that we haven’t discovered yet, human needs are simple and we know exactly what they are.

One downside is that our bodies take time to adapt. So switching to a Huel diet can take our guts a while to get used to. And switching away from Huel to, say, just Snickers and vodka, takes time to adjust to. People who eat a wide variety of food already have their guts trained up and ready for anything.

All I can say is I have I have lost 5 stones this year drinking Huel for every meal and feel great for it, ok I exercise as well… And it blows me away when people, some I haven’t seen for a while, comment how much healthier I look now even my GP. My diet was poor before Huel though and had been for years, my blood tests are all better and my blood pressure is now normal without the need for blood pressure tablets thankfully, it was way too high. So I can say just consuming Huel has improved my health as it has done for others.


Every animal/insect on the planet has very very little variety.

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Indeed, and eating for pleasure is a relatively new thing in human evolution; our very recent ancestors would be amazed at the choice we have today.


Hell, my extremely recent ancestors are. My parents eat the same shit day after day.


They’d be even more amazed we chose to have huel. When we could eat the things that only the queen or the super elite would have been able to eat

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My diet in an ideal world :smiley: