Alternative to alcohol?

I wondered what your opinions are on the idea of an alternative to alochol, sometimes referred to as Synthahol or Alcosynth.

I’ve gone on many a shake diet in my life and although I’ve had much success there have been occasions when my efforts have been completely derailed by alcohol.

I rarely drink but find boozing just seems to set you on the wrong path. It’s best avoided and there’s always moderation but there’s always the danger you’ll slip up. And why should we have to give up on being intoxicated anyway?

I go on a shake diet when I give up alcohol…oh…I think that’s just the detox making me do it.

Not related to the alternative, but re: booze and weight loss…the way I do it or at least did it last night was

consume 150g vodka
get tipsy
dance at a club for hours without feeling tired bc intoxicating and general depressed nervous system
time warp
BAM 15,000 steps & 1350kcal burnt before before 5am

:joy::joy: ehh seems to work fine


Standard ASI bull. “Yes let’s deregulate everything and let people sell whatever they want.”

It appears to be the utopia of a selection of think-tanks and backbenchers who portray all regulation as “red tape”. The reason this stuff hasn’t come to shelves yet is presumably because it hasn’t been certified as safe for public consumption, rather than some “big alcohol” conspiracy.

“Ooh, little bit of politics there” :wink: