Alternative without sunflower products?

Hi there,
I’ve got a nasty allergy against anything made from sunflower seeds, including sunflower oil and sunflower lecithine.
If you plan to create one (vegan!) product variant without it, that would be super lovely. Seems like it’s super difficult to find any other similar, vegan, sunflower-free products on the market :wink:

Ooohhh interesting. What side-effects do you suffer after consuming sunflower seeds etc?

I believe I have an intolerance, as it makes me tired or can give me a headache.

I’m trying an alternative product, similar to Huel, which doesn’t contain sunflower product. I don’t think it’s vegan though.

Hey ElectroDan do you have the name of the alternate product you were using. I just have an allergy to sunflower seeds and don’t need it to be vegan. Thanks!