Am I having enough calories?

Hi everyone,
From what I’ve read on other threads most people have huel to lose weight. in fact there’s a category called weight loss but I’m in the small percentage that has it to gain weight.
I’ve not been on it long. I tried going 100% straight away but after a few days I was violently ill. So I built it up slowly and I’m now having 4 scoops 3 times a day with no side effects. But I’ve not noticed any change in weight.

I suppose I would consider my job fairly active. I work in a fast food restaurant (zero hour contract, minimum wage, living the dream, :frowning:) I’m on my feet all day walking around the restaurant.
At break time you get free food (a meal with a desert) I tend to get a chicken sandwich, fries, cup of tea and a blueberry muffin.

Does it take a long to time to gain weight or am I simply not having enough calories?

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It’s easier to gain weight than lose it, because there’s a limit to how little you can eat, whereas if you set your mind to it you can eat a LOT. You need to pig out like crazy. PIG OUT, MAN.

So no, you aren’t having enough calories if you’re not seeing weight gain. Have you attempted to calculate how much you burn in a day? Being on your feet will burn a lot over a full workday.

If your phone has a pedometer and you keep it on you at work, find out how many steps you’re doing. There’s more to burning calories than step count, of course, but it’ll give you an idea of how active you are.

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If the job wasn’t humiliating enough they give you a uniform complete with sweaty uncomfortable cap. And although the uniform looks like it has pockets it in fact has no pockets. There just for show. They don’t open. So I physically can’t keep anything on me while working.

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Is the amount I’m having enough to get all the goodness and nutrients from it. If so should I just eat junk food along with it or is that a bad idea?

Yeah it’s enough. It doesn’t stop the junk food being bad for you, but if you just want to add cheap calories (and especially if you can get them for free at work) you could do that.

You could get one of those clip-on pedometers and attach it to your knickers or something. Or if you’re allowed to wear a watch you can get one of those Fitbit ripoffs for a few quid. Or just count every step manually by ticking a notepad every time you take a step…

edit: wait, I’ve got it! Spill some white paint on the floor and then walk in it, then just work normally. At the end of the shift just count all the footsteps. Obviously make sure you don’t step on the same place twice.


A bit of both, but you should notice weight gain after a week or two in the beginning. This guide might help you out:

Let me know if you have anymore questions.

Sorry, but lol.

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My phone has a pedometer…I picked up Gary Glitter on it last week.

But at least you get to wear a cape.

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