Amount of vitamin & mineral on the packaging?

Hey everyone,

On Huel bars (ver 3.1), I was wondering why the amount of vitamin & mineral is not written on the packaging. Any idea?

Thanks for your help :blush:

My ASSUMPTION is that the details are all on the outer box that holds the bars, as the packaging size for the bars themselves is quite limited, give me about 5 minutes and i’ll go and take a look myself :slight_smile:

That’s correct, it’s printed on the box.

@David I have the outer box in my hands and the list & amount of vitamin & minerals is not printed on the box of bars… Are we talking about the same product (latest bar ver 3.1)?

When we moved from v3.1 to v3.0 the packaging is smaller, so there’s less space. To avoid cluttering up the back of pack and making everything difficult to read and confusing we put a link which you can go to to see the amounts.

The link is here.

Well one of us must be mistaken. I think my flawless memory is more trustworthy than your flimsy photographic evidence. @Dan_Huel corroborates your version of events but we know he’s corrupt.

(I was sure it was on there but I might’ve been thinking of the old version)