And there was a week of huel

That’s huel sorted for next week!


May be going mad but that looks like a huge amount of Huel for a week! How much is there?

Are you going to mix it with water or just shove the powder straight into your mouth? :laughing:

haha :joy:

each container has 125g of huel, so 500g per day

Oh fairs. Looks like a load more.

Pre-flavoured too?

By pre-flavoured you mean vanilla?

No I mean have you flavoured them in any way. I do the same as you but I only make up 4 at a time and in each one I put 1/3rd of a tea spoon of one of the Huel flavour pouches.

Ahh, no i only have vanilla for mine :grinning::+1:

That’s what my work surface looks like too, salter scales, and nothing much else . . .
apart from an eruption of powder that manages to coat everything in a thin film!

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