Anti inflammatory

I’ve been unwell lately and in a lot of pain with my feet.after researching a lot of things I’ve decided that I need to cut out foods that cause inflammation.i only started yesterday but today is the first day in months with very little pain.does anyone know where huel fits in with anti inflammatory foods or does it cause inflammation?

I will let @Dan_Huel take on this one, but in the meantime we have an awesome article he wrote all about inflammation, although it may not answer your question specifically.

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Hey Emma, I’d recommend chatting to your doctor about this as there could be so many causes.

Which foods did you cut out? There has been a decent amount of work looking at inflammatory and anti-inflammatory foods but there’s also a lot of misinformation out there too.

It may be that you have an intolerance or issue with a particular food (related to inflammation or not) which is why chatting to your doctor and narrowing it down will really help and also allow you to reintroduce more foods back into your diet.

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