Any father's out there using Huel?

OK so the law of averages would suggest there are many amongst the thousands of you here! However, with Father’s Day coming up I wanted to put together a little post for social media about how dads use Huel whilst balancing their responsibilities as a parent.

I’m just looking for a sentence or two about how Huel fits in with being a parent - a dad specifically. Either drop it below or DM me here!

p.s. if you wanted to send a photo of you with your Huel t-shirt on, or Huel shaker in hand then that would be amazing :smiley: but not essential at all!


Huel in one hand & child hanging from the other, Lady Justice style, perhaps?


It would be a strong contender for our current Instagram campaign…



As a dad of 2 children who have learning disabilitys, And also im overweight as well me and my wife struggle to fit in healthy meals and time is always child based…
We have tried other diets but slipped off them as time and prep is an issue. The our neighbour gave use a sample of Huel each and thay was it i looked it up and did my homework. Huel as a meal replacment has made life simplier less than 3mins BOOM complete meal and you dont have to worry about what your drinking. your feel fuller and we have lost a stone each in weight and still falling… onwards and upwards and above all this its versital and tastes brilliant…