Anyone about to start a Huel diet?

Hey all, I’m going back on the Huel after a good break, not had a good year (2018) lost my mum and a close friend within a few months which resulted in me throwing any type of healthy approach out of the window.

Now things seem to be returning to normal I need to shed some poundage…I’m going to be ordering a new batch of Huel and am also considering the bottles for ease in the morning. (They seem a bit pricey, are they much different to the powder make up?)

Is anyone else about to start something that I could buddy up wth…always find things easier with another person involved?



Sorry to hear about life stress amd hope your doing better now.

I have been on and off Huel for a few years but have just started to use it to replace 70-80% of my calories most days and hoping to go 100% for some days.

I would be happy to help cheer you on with your goals!

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I’m in a similar position to you, just now going back onto a 75%+ huel diet after only sporadic use last year. Could also do with cutting a bit of fat.

I bought some of the ready-to-drink to see what they were like (and for ease if I’m short of time). They’re noticeably different to made up powder, having a more oily texture (doesn’t sound appetising but that’s the best way I can describe it). I liked them (I think I prefer the texture to normal made up huel actually)

Not so keen on the new vanilla flavour. It’s okay, and it does taste more vanilla-ish I guess, but the aftertaste is too chemically for me.

Good luck with your goals!


Gutted to hear about the grief in your family, James. So much love coming from us here, it can’t be easy to pick yourself up from this.

All the best to you. :v:

Hey @Jhosk just seen this- I had a pretty shitty 2018 for similar reasons; my mum died too, as well as well as various other traumatic things occurring.

Funnily enough in some respects my mum dying actually had some positive effects on my life and motivation, including using Huel to lose weight. I’d been a long time Huel drinker but had not used it as a weight loss product, but decided to do so, and it was very helpful in achieving my goals in the last 3 or 4 months of the year.

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