Are any Huelers in the car trade?

Or know of anyone in the trade?

I have a fleet of 30 Maserati Quattroporte Ghiblis that have reached the end of their lives (with us) and due to massive fleet discounts they can be sold on far below book value or returned. All 1 year old, 8-20k miles.

Ill even chuck in a months supply of Huel to any successful broker!

Huel feel free to delete if this if it is deemed inappropriate =]

Why on earth would you have 30 of those, that is an odd choice of fleet car

The discounts when you know the right man are incredible.

These were sold on Monday making enough for a person to buy themselves a house. Its a win win!

Sounds great! Always nice to hear someone doing well.

We buy any car … might be worth a punt on a couple .


Out of curiosity I just did a valuation on one of the registrations, they offered 26 grand ha!

Thats only 20k less than the average price on autotrader and 7k less than they all sold for!

My advice dont ever go to we buy any car!

Ive heard good and bad but my experience is
2011 citreon dispatch van bought 1 yeard old pre registered for 11k
Sold it 3 years later for 7k with 40k miles on it , sign written .
Cant complain to that .