Are there any habits at work you should ditch?

Being in the IT industry. I sometimes feel that I should ditch these bad habits at the workplace for a better life. I wrote a blog and shared it on my own website*. Please see and share your opinion.

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“I found a blog”… Isn’t that your blog? All your posts seem to just try to attract traffic to your site. Or am I wrong?


For me as a software developer, i have a lot of bad habits such as checking the huel forum which are made worse when things like testing comes around ready for rollout.

That being said, some of the things on that list i don’t agree with, for instance checking emails when out of the office. i see this as part of the job, as if something goes down its my job to fix it. when it comes to emails that could wait i often still respond as it allows others to get a head start instead of waiting until i’m in work.

Also when it comes to procrastinating, i often spend time drawing or reading the news when thinking about a problem that ive been struggling with. This way what other see as procrastinating i find helps me do my job more effectively.

When it comes to a cluttered desk that too can often be ok. I personally have post it notes stuck to my screens reminding me about keyboard shortcuts and tasks that i need to complete and a big stack of paper that i may need to reference throughout the day. This obviously is done using stack based sorting :stuck_out_tongue:

That being said if you do 4 (spreading negativity), 5 (being late for work), and 6 (being inefficient) on the list then i agree you should stop.

My bad habit was reading shitty blogs and clickbait. Luckily I’ve cured that now.


Are you sure you kicked the habit you still read posts about blogs and clickbait. :face_with_monocle:

I just don’t click on any links…! :slight_smile:

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HI, This is not my personal blog. It is recommended by my friends guy!

Hi, yes being late has become my habit. I have started taking thing casually which is not right approach i guess

Your Reddit history says otherwise:

You post the same links everywhere :woman_shrugging:

Anyway… :slight_smile:


Haha! You guys are intelligent!


I just noticed that @ROAG and @DerrySegar both joined the Huel forum on the same day. I think it’s the same person with a split personality talking to theirself.

That’s how intelligent I am. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Im hearing a conspiracy theory but hunzas never seems to leave this forum.

What if @hunzas has the split personality and only noticed after 3 and 1/2 years and created @ROAG and @DerrySegar in order to talk to themselves.


Well if @hunzas can lose the weight for me as well then, that would be fine!


Eating this at my desk



Here you are wrong!

Really liked this forum. People are so active here! Though i am bad at marketing!

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:face_vomiting::nauseated_face: Nope