Are there any habits at work you should ditch?

Let this be known as the post where @hunzas was the most helpful.

@DerrySegar please can you amend your original post to make it more obvious this is a blog associated with you. This post attempts to pull the wool over our eyes, as you can see this doesn’t work. I don’t really have a problem with you sharing your own content so long as it remains useful to the community and you don’t make a habit of it. :v:


Aww and here I thought I was the sharpest tool in the shed by spotting it first :wink:

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Damn, outed. Pass the tinfoil hat.

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Hey ! Really thank you! I will make sure that my content help the audience not spam them!

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Lol I’ve missed this thread being in work but it’s made me laugh reading through it now :smile::smile: