Are there benefits to changing my legal name to Huel?


As you can see from my username, my name is Samuel. I realised today, I could add an h to my legal name and I’d be Samhuel.

Are there any benefits: do people with Huel in their name get a free gift?

Thank you in advance,


That’s a great idea Samhuel.

In fact I have a Senegalese friend called Carmel, I will see if she wants to change her name to Salted Caramel Black editon. She probably won’t though as she hates Huel.


I’ll ping Halle Berry, pardon, Halle Strawberry Shortcake

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Great to see you back here Samhuel. It’s a good question. I think other benefits involve street credit, people will know how much Huel you have not want to mess with you.

In terms of a free gift…I can’t say for sure, but it would be pretty harsh of the customer experience team not to give you a free gift.

‘Huel’ actually is a first and last name for some. Huell too. If everyone asks for a free gift though we might have to clamp down.

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