Are u guys scamming us

(upload://hMrcFpqlJ5KawgZeHw3u6YlnI0m.jpg)I ordered two weeks ago 15037 order number haven’t got a shipment confirmation… I write an email and I get a response thanks for writing us brandon we’ll get back to u… who is brandon?? They don’t know my name!!! Then I get an email wasting refund isssued 13$ … I payed 66$ why in the hell would u only refund 13$ … still no response to where my order is or my money … everytime I send in an email I just get the standard automated response back … I want to talk to someone … you guys are scamming me and I will be sure to write a review everywhere I can

Regardless of what the problem is, I can guarantee you they are not a scam.


Probably a website glitch, they are not scammers. What email address did you use? has worked for me before.

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They are definitely not scammers, and their communication is great, especially on here.


Hi there, and thanks for the message. Firstly, I’m massively sorry about any problems you’ve been having, we have raised these issues with our American customer service team first thing this morning. We certainly are not trying to scam you and want you and all Huelers to have the best experience possible, so rest assured we will rectify this as soon as possible.

After a quick look it seems like there has been some miscommunication from us but we’ll be sure to get this straightened out. We can’t apologise more.

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Cool how is this being rectified did you figure out my name yet … is my order coming … am I getting a full refund not just 13$ what is going on all I’m asking for is answers

We’ll give you all the answers we need but first we need to make contact with our USA team because this was a US order. You’re currently communicating with the UK team (US forum is across here). But we’re on it and we’ll get back to you as soon as physically possible once we have all the answers.


Following up on this. The confusion has arisen because you’ve contacted us via 2 separate email address. The first email you sent on October 17th at 10:36am (GMT or US time I’m unsure) was replied to 3 hours later at 1:51pm (again unsure of time zone). At which point we refunded you 20% of your order as a ‘gesture of goodwill’ for the delay to your order and an automated email was sent to you.

Our customer service team did accidentally referred to you as Brandon, many apologies about that it was an honest mistake.

This order has been now refunded in full as of 50 minutes ago. The refund can take 5-7 working days to appear on your statement though.

I hope this is all alright, do feel free to contact our customer service team on if you have any more queries about your order.


Thank you for your time

Your us team contacted me they went above and beyond expectations… I apologize for my doubt I was wrong … the company took care of me more than enough … I’m happy thank you for your guys time


You’re most welcome. Glad it’s all sorted.