Are you a slurper, a gulper or a sipper?

I sip it out of the shaker, (having used my Ninja), I also have a mason jar full of ice-cold filter water so I have that every other sip so as to keep my water level up. I can feel the texture of Huel in my throat so I wash it down with the water. I don’t have Huel thick, I use 400ml of water, but I think it is the pea as I can feel it in my teeth.

I’m a thick sludge fan, myself…

Definitely a gulper! I get through a 3-scoop meal in 5-10 minutes, tops. Love it.

I’d say Gulper.

I set out to make it last 30 minutes, lucky if it lasts 10.

Gulper. Lunch can be knocked back in 2 minutes! Breakfast is usually gulp half - gulp the other half 20 mins later.

No slurpers, I see!

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2 minutes ??

I gulp mine in less than 10 seconds !!
300ml with 2 scoops … takes longer to prepare than it does consuming

@Dln1965 Lol, it’s not a race… no-one’s gulping for gold! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Although, now I’m going to have to time myself…

Ha ha ha
Stopwatches at the ready ??

Seriously tho … I do try to drink it in one … like downing a drink quickly !
It works for me … may not work for everyone !!

Pah, I’m pretty sure most of you Gulpers are actually Slurpers in denial.

I’m definitely a gulper. I wouldn’t make a meal last half an hour or longer so it goes straight down the hatch

Definitely a gulper, always done in less than a minute unless I’m specifically trying to make it last. I drink it how people seem to drink a beer when they are trying to down it

I usually end up gulping half of it, then sipping the other half over a period of 30 minutes or so :slight_smile:

I usually sip mine unless I’m thirsty when I wake up.

Gulping it all down in one go, mostly! I love how fast and efficient it feels :smiley:
Then straight down to a nice little espresso and back to business!