Army diet vs veganism

Tried the Army diet before I went vegan cos i was interested in eating a 1940s diet. Lost pounds (i was 13 + stone) on the AD after a month, but never shifted tummy fat even though I lost 8 pounds. Since going vegan (since Nov 2016) tummy fat disappeared, feel lighter, cleaner, healthier, weight good for my height & frame. I’m 58, 5’8", 12.25 stone. Huel is a great solution to lunch at the office or out and about. I’m converted.


Hi there I am waiting for my first order to arrive. I am pescatarian at the moment but will be moving hopefully to vegan soon. Need to loose weight as due to health unable to cook just now. Any tips on vegan diet greatly recieved

A vegan diet can be unhealthy if you eat the wrong things…so the same as anything else, watch your intake of sugars, fats; vegan junk food etc. can be high in salt fat sugar etc. Eat lots of pulses, grains, vegetables of all colours, fruit (fruit contains natural sugars). Things like seitan, tempeh and tofu are great…some disagree about seitan cos of the gluten content; some disagree about tofu cos of the soya content. I’ve been eating both for decades; vegan for over 30 years.