At first I didn't like the taste of Huel but after 15 days I really enjoy it

I’m even enjoying it without adding the flavours (I had rhubarb, matcha and Cacao plus the samples, I would have bought strawberry but they are sold out). I haven’t lost much weight yet but that’s due to me eating too much of the wrong foods, (chinese, crisps, chocolate, ect) and it’s not because I need to eat, you don’t get the cravings like other diets. On the cambridge diet I was desperate for food on week 1. I’m finding 400ml of water mixed with 83g of Huel mixed in nutribullet 3 times a day works best

I wasn’t sure the first time… or the second… but it grew on me surprisingly quickly too.

Like you I’d like to use it to to lose weight and it’s really good for managing the blood sugar dips and cravings. Sadly it can’t sort out my desire for chocolate and other sweet treats!