Avocado on the side of Huel

General question, if you eat a whole avocado with Huel, does the nutrient absorption go way up? My nutriotionist student friend said yes it would because of the fat solubility something something and avocado’s general effect on absorption, but wanted to see what some forum pros would think. If this is true wouldn’t that mean that your body doesn’t use Huel’s full nutrition without avocado?

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I think Huel is already formulated to be as bioavailable as possible, but I’ll wait for the experts to arrive.

Huel already contains the optimum amount of fats for the body to absorb the fat-soluble vitamins.
Was your friend talking about eating avocado specifically with Huel, or in general in your diet? Or in combination with a vitamin pill or powder?

Avocados are indeed very healthy - containing many vitamins, nutrients and good fats. They are also very calorie dense.
So, if you are looking to gain weight, it certainly would be helpful to add them in to your diet.
You don’t need them though if you are consuming Huel. But they certainly wouldn’t do any harm. If you’re trying to lose weight however, don’t forget to count the calories - there’s 250 calories and 25g fat in one medium avocado

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Gordon Bennett I could murder an avocado after reading that.


The fat soluble vitamins e.g. vitamin A and D are better absorbed into the body in the presence of fat. I can only assume your friend doesn’t realise Huel contains a sufficient amount of fat so eating an avocado will make no difference.

A nutritionist that doesn’t know what they’re talking about? I’m in shock! :wink:

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They probably just don’t know what’s in Huel and may think of it like Slimfast. It’s a good point otherwise!

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To be honest most of the things I read on Huel everywhere are relating to weightloss so could be an easy mistake.

Mainstream folk just don’t understand the concept of powder as food outside of a diet/cleanse.

That’s why Huel needed an RTD before they could properly start to conquer the world, I’ve said so for ages and look at them now in Sainsburys. Knew I was right lol.

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It may have had something to do w/ my having described Huel as “cocoa pebbles ground up into a dust”, my bad

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Thanks for the super informative response. Now that I know that avocados are only 250 calories I’m going to start eating 2-3 a day, I’d thought they were like 600 each!

I think huels hipster enough without adding avocado.

As Dave Gorman once said huel stands for hipster gruel

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