Awful aftertaste!


Hi all! I received my first order of a Vanilla Huel today, and couldn’t wait to get home and have my first ‘meal’. I have just tipped half of it away because I just couldn’t swallow it without gagging - not because of the texture, but the horrible, horrible aftertaste! Sorry to be a bit gross here, but my mouth tastes like I’ve just been sick, and it’s not going away. Is this the sucralose? And if that is the case, will the original flavour also be the same? It looks like that has more sucralose in it than the vanilla one. I was thinking that maybe I could get the unflavoured version and try adding some of the flavour boosts, but do they also have this sweetener in them? I really love the idea of Huel and want to keep trying, but being forced to just buy big bags because they don’t do samples and then not being able to return them is money I can’t afford to waste, so any advice is greatfully received!


Try adding some fruit, bananas or berries are generally popular. Or some cocoa or hot chocolate powder if you have that. I sometimes use Dr Oetkas food flavourings from the bakery section of the supermarket (nothing fancy here) such as lemon, or peppermint/orange with cocoa. If I want added sweetness I add a stevie tablet, but you could add sugar if you’re not avoiding it for any reason. Also a teaspoon or two of instant coffee maked a great coffee huel. As for the aftertaste, I don’t experience that, I get a chalky aftertaste if anything, but hopefully you will lose that if you add a good bit of flavouring. Some people add animal or plant milks to replace some of the water in their shake. The taste is odd at first, if I remember rightly, it only took me a couple of days before I was really enjoying it, after initially thinking I’d made a terrible mistake too.


Sorry that you aren’t keen on the aftertaste of Huel, what makes you go straight to sucralose? There are many natural ingredients in Huel that could cause an aftertaste that we actually balance out and mask with the sweetener and flavouring. I think people can be quick to jump on sucralose but really pea and rice protein taste a bit weird and so does vitamin and mineral blend - but we use them for their amazing nutritional profiles.

Wendy has got some great ideas here, it definitely takes a few goes to get Huel right, so don’t write us off yet. Get your Huel in the fridge overnight, or even for a few hours as this really helps!


Thanks Wendy, I’ll try adding someother flavouring and see how I get on! Cocoa is also a great idea, I’ll gie that a go.
Thanks Tim, I’m not sure if it’s the Sucralose, which is why I wrote the post. I find the aftertaste of diet drinks pretty awful too, so wonder whether I might just be sensitive to the aftertaste of artificial sweeteners. Like I said, I love the idea of Huel and want to keep trying, but can’t afford to keep buying big bags that i won’t use. I’ll get some flavouruing as suggested by Wendy, and put it in the fridge over night - fingers crossed I’ll have a yummy breakfast in the morning!


Yes me too; especially aspartame which if I drink it makes me feel like I need a drink of something else as it makes my mouth feel dry too. Even stevia can be bitter. Sucralose is better than most. Xylitol seems OK to me.

Fridge is definitely a good suggestion.


I’m very sensitive to the aftertaste of sweeteners. It’s been interesting over the past few years to taste them creeping into lots of mainstream products that were presumably just sugar based before.

It’s definitely the sucralose that I can taste (and despise) in some Huel products. The Berry powder is probably the best flavoured product that just about does a reasonable job of masking it, but things like the Mocha flavour boost just essentially taste like artificial sweetener to me.

I think a lot of people overlook the U/U version but it’s very easy to make it into a nice tasting meal of your choice. Instant coffee works well if you don’t have access to a blender, otherwise just a banana or some frozen berries sweeten it enough to make it very enjoyable with zero artificial aftertaste.


Have you tried the unflavoured version hunzas? Do you find that better?


This is good to know ukaskew, thank you! I think I am going to try the unflavoured version.


I find the same with the vanilla flavour. I finished my bag mixing it with the unflavoured and it was ok; now I use the unflavoured and blend it with bananas / fruit etc