Banana is the BEST


Matcha tea bags? Not seen them before. I buy matcha in a jar. Expensive stuff.but yep. A traditional whisk is wooden and looks like a shaving brush


I’ve got one of those battery operated thingies for frothing up hot chocolate. Would that do the trick? Mind you, not much good if I don’t like the stuff :thinking::laughing:


Ha that would be good bring it on :smiley:


I’d be happy just with the pub bit.


I tried the banana flavour today as my first Huel but made a small mistake on the amounts… :see_no_evil:

Ended up having 3 scoops of U/U, with around 500ml water and the 2g taster sachet of banana flavour. It wasn’t until i tasted it and checked the packaging of the flavour boosts i realised that i should have used only 1.5 scoops and 300ml of water!

Was a pretty potent earthy flavour :nauseated_face: Had to add a small sachet of sugar to make it drinkable!

Lesson learned…


@Woolnut ooopsss!!! too late now, but you couldve added the chocolate (or cacao) sachet too - that woulve doubled up the flavour and made it quite nice. I love chocolate and banana :slight_smile:


I considered it, but decided against so i could taste the other flavours properly :sunglasses: Banana and chocolate does sound like something up my street so will try it at some point for sure


Or instant coffee for a ‘banoffee’ :yum:


I know your posting w.r.t. flavour, but just wanted to add that adding a real banana to a huel is good not only nutritionally but also the texture is smoother. To maximise the point, adding a frozen banana gives a great creamy texture.


A banana adds around 100 calories which some people dont like to do.frozen banana though is great i agree


Banana wasn’t a thing back when I ordered the sampler… damn I have bene on huel 2 years next month.

I’ve been constantly meaning to try it but I already have 4 flavour packs on the go that are taking forever to get through because they went and released coffee huel, and berry huel which between that and my totally healthy and not at all a problem cinnamon habit. I still have OG strawberry and OG caramel on the go, complete with the revolting smells.

Does it taste like that chemically banana milkshake flavour?


Hey @Anga I have a spare banana sample sachet in my cupboard that I don’t want (I had a couple of boxes of samples, tried one banana, didn’t like it, probably don’t wanna try it again!).
I’m happy to post it to you if you DM me your address.
Some people really love the banana, so its worth trying! But yeah testing before you buy an entire bag is probably a good idea.


I like real bananas. I don’t like fake banana flavours…but I really like the banana flavour boost, which is artificial.


I hate real bananas, I love banana flavour, I didn’t like the banana flavour boost…
It makes no sense at all, how different all our taste buds are!!


I love real banana and also love banana flavour boost :grin:


It tastes different to blending an actual banana in, but it’s not artificial in a bad way, imo. The strawberry however … :nauseated_face:


It is very strange. I much prefer the taste of real bananas, hate fake taste, and to me the Huel fs tastes fake. Sorry guys. :frowning:


There’s a reason I haven’t finished the strawberry… :joy:


Yeah, I ended up throwing my strawberry fs away, and I NEVER throw food away.


I have only used the strawberry once. It is now right at the bottom of the pile.