Bars idea

Could 3.1 bars or similar be rebranded as breakfast bars or similar to compete in the “belvita’ market? To run alongside the new bars?


I suggested selling both in the launch thread as they are quite different recipes so I second this idea. Personally I’m now going to be going from 20-40 bars a month (when I’m being healthy :stuck_out_tongue: ) to maybe 2 a month if I see them in a shop. I’m sure they are tastier than before but I won’t be eating two chocolate covered caramel bars for lunch.


Nor will I. I just went to a local town in Scotland and they have a chip shop that serves deep fried vegan pizza. That my lunch sorted


As these bars have already been discontinued I am unsure about bringing them back being a likelihood, but I’ll be sure to pass on your desire to see this.

If we’re resurrecting dead products, Granola is first in line.


I’ll pass this on too David.

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No. Nintendo 64 with Goldeneye.

That’s been done.

You can even buy the controllers again.