Beginner heating up query and another question on mouth 'feel'

Hi there.

Received my first batch of Huel yesterday. I had ordered the 1.2 with a couple of shakers and they were kind enough to give me a t-shirt and extra shaker too…which was nice. I enjoyed it the first time on its own, but have since tried with espresso mixed in (Been a fan of cold brew, so it goes well with Huel), but I’m finding that on both occasions I feel quite hot for about an hour afterwards - sweating and the such which is unusual for me. I often skip meals through the day, so I wonder if it’s something to do with this.

Oh and does anyone get bothered by the mouth ‘feel’? I find my mouth feels quite greasy after having Huel…to the point of being a little unpleasant. I’ve eaten many a greasy meal, but this feels odd. Perhaps just having the relation change from a burger to a shake causing the greasy grease. A cup of coffee makes it go away. Probably just adjusting, but it’s filling me up anyway.

Welcome to the forum! Thank you for letting us know how you are getting along and appreciated the free t-shirt and shaker first time round. With the mouth feel, perhaps try popping your Huel in the fridge overnight and see what you think. It makes Huel a lot smoother and may help - sorry you aren’t too keen on this aspect.

Hi. Thanks for that. Gave it a go. Big improvement from the first couple of times and much more pleasant texture too! Cheers.

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