Benefits over Herbalife

A friend of mine is trying to convince me to try Herbalife. What are the arguments of using Huel over Herbalife? Just so I can argue my case!!!

My friend is trying to convince me to try potato soup. What are the argments of using tomato soap over potato soup? Just so I can argue my case!

Joke aside, look at price, ingredients, try both for taste and in the end just eat what you like. I suppose there will be a lot in favour of huel, but in the end, no one eats only one soup, and not everyone likes the same food :slight_smile:

I’ve just tried to find the ingredients list and nutritional profile of herbalife and it’s not easy to find on their website which rings alarm bells.

The first link on is “Nutrition” in which we lay everything out so you can compare to others.

Can anyone provide a link to Herbalife’s nutritional profile and ingredients list?

I would also be cautious of Herbalife’s marketing practices. I think they are a MLM company. Years ago I worked with someone who got sucked into going to one of their seminars.

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I think this is it… Dunno though, a bit confusing what they’re actually selling…

Seems more to be billed as more of a weight management aid than a complete meal.

Not sure. but to me it seems to be more about getting their distributors friends and family to buy overpriced products that they would otherwise not think about spending their money on. Cheapest I’ve found online for a 550g pack is around £30!! Herbalife themselves don’t even mention the price (they want you to sign-up and log in before showing you - that speaks volumes to me!) From what I can find up to 73% of the product price goes to their distributors across some complicated MLM looking scheme. So is it more about da monies than quality products?


Their meal replacement product is called Formula 1
There are more informations on the french site :
The product labels are all here :

@HarryTuttle Contains milk and soy, and is very low in fat (we need fat). I think I’ll stick with Huel.

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