Big thanks to everyone at Huel

Over the next few weeks we’re going to see a lot more complaints from customers worrying that they won’t receive orders, or that their orders haven’t been delivered. Hopefully everyone will be patient and respectful, but no doubt some customers will go overboard. (I’m not pointing any fingers. Things seem fine on this forum so far.)

I just wanted to say how much I appreciate everyone working at Huel. We only get to talk to the bigwigs and customer service team, and you are great. But I’m also grateful to the people working in production and dispatch, the cleaners, the admin, the person in charge of light bulbs, and anyone else I might have overlooked. Your jobs have never been more important.

The UK is still in the grip of normalcy bias, so some people will see this as mawkishness. But I think it’s important to balance out the negative feedback.

And I’ll just say again, because people are kinda jumpy: this is not aimed at anyone. It’s more to get ahead of things.


Hear hear, David. Thanks from me too :+1:


I got my subscription delivery as normal today, Midlands uk. Same smiling dpd driver too.


:+1: Well said

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Yes, my order arrived in 2 days yesterday with no issues. CS team were quick and helpful with the return of an order last week as well.

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Thank you David! I’ve reached the big time being called a bigwig.

In all seriousness the whole team and extended Huel family are working incredibly hard wherever they are working currently. Customer Experience and the Ops team are experiencing an increase in orders but they are handling it really well.


We know you’re the power behind the throne.

My driver is always fab too.

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Mine too :slight_smile:

I ordered some more Huel bars Tuesday and they’ve not been dispatched yet.
I’m going into hospital Tuesday and want to take some with me so I’m crossing my fingers they arrive by Monday :crossed_fingers:
I’ve got plenty powder and RTD though so I’m not panicking


I’m not going to thank anyone, you can’t make me!

ᵗʰˣ ᵗʰᵒ

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Woohoo my order is being delivered tomorrow.
Yummy scrummy bars of all flavours :raised_hands:t2: :partying_face: :yum:


I was disappointed to read that DPD drivers, as “gig workers”, aren’t being looked after by DPD if they need to self-isolate.

DPD, whose 5,000 couriers deliver parcels for brands including Marks & Spencer and John Lewis, is offering self-employed couriers who need to self-isolate the equivalent of statutory sick pay (£94.25 a week). It is well short of the approximately £550 its drivers with worker status are supposed to earn weekly. DPD has also said costs of renting equipment and vans will not be waived but deferred.

It’s not just DPD. I’d be surprised if any of the courier companies have taken sufficient care of their workers. I’d be happy to learn otherwise if anyone has any info!

Also, this guy is compiling a list big businesses and how they’re handling the situation.

There’s a bit more about DPD there. It was sent anonymously, so take with a pinch of salt.

“Customers have to open the door to receive their parcel even if they are self isolating. Drivers have to take a photo showing the parcel in the open doorway. If customer won’t open the door, the parcel is returned to sender.”

Of course there are no perfect solutions to this, but if the customer is confirmed to be present and aware of the delivery, the driver should be permitted to leave it at the door.

Hopefully the upcoming support for self-employed workers will help to protect people from financial ruin. It’s coming way too late though.

Thank you to everyone working at every point in the supply chain.

I used to work for Waterstones and know people who still do.
They should be a massive nope on that list.

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Glad to be back on the Huel after a long break. In this situation, it’s helping out so much by being able to make a snack or meal quickly and efficiently without worrying about using up regular food or running out of certain items.

Also gets rid of that constant “what to eat” conundrum everyone faces.

Thanks to all for such awesome products, concepts and systems.